I decided to start this online diary in April 2017 because I realised I could no longer continue using the notepad on my phone to assess, plan or re-organise my entire life - in fact, I'm pretty sure it takes up more gigs than most people's photos or videos.

My day job is in a property investment consultancy in St John's Wood as a marketing professional, whilst my evening job is currently as director of a new womenswear brand I will soon be launching. I also fill up my spare time working as a freelancer for a number of varying projects and do you know what the craziest thing is? I still feel like I need more activities to fill up my time!

I recently turned a milestone age and realised I had a lot to be grateful for in my life - good friends, a loving family, a fantastic partner-in-crime, a cosy apartment and the career I dreamed, prayed and worked extremely hard for. After years of confusion, discomfort, house-bouncing and rushed decision making, I am now settled and my mind is at rest. This however, does not mean things are now boring and repetitive - no, quite the opposite actually!

This is my visual diary and the place I finally feel I can release all my thoughts, writing and creative energy.  I hope you feel both welcome and positive when you arrive here. My aim is to not online inspire others, but to also learn new things and speak to like-minded people about our mutual struggles, triumphs and much, much more.

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