Chelsea Harbour... Luxury Waterfront Apartments

If there's one perk of my current job role, it's definitely all the talented and highly reputable developers we work with each day. My role is to ensure their property is packaged and presented to prospective clients in the best and most complimentary way.

To make sure I have a full understanding of the brand and their product offering, I will once in a while attend a show apartment day hosted by the developer.

On this occasion, I had the pleasure of attending the Chelsea Waterfront development a few weeks back - this is back when the sun actually shone when the rain hadn't quite settled on a 'suitable' play date until now...

To say the apartment was beautiful is an understatement - the whole development will include two glass residential towers, three riverside buildings with landscaped gardens (I viewed this apartment style) and the redevelopment of the Lots Road power station.

The quality of the appliances and materials used alongside the clear consideration that was taken to preserve the area and its background whilst creating a fresh, highly contemporary place to live was truly inspiring.

I mean, can you imagine the sort of views resident's will have every morning? If this isn't enough inspiration to get someone to wake up, I really don't know what is!

Although those purchasing ought to be considered lucky to own a piece of such a historical build, those who designed, built and will eventually sell these apartments off should also count themselves lucky. 

Watching the progress of the build really does feel rewarding to me. It signifies growth, development, innovative approaches and true collaboration, everything I stand for and believe in. This is just the approach I like to take in every day life too. Overall, making every single experience of mine fresh, fun and rewarding. After all, isn't this what life is all about?

Planning and attending a hotel launch

Before beginning my ramble, I would like to both welcome and thank all new and existing subscribers! I can't wait to find out more about you and what topics you enjoy reading and writing about.

I was luckily enough to both plan and attend the launch of a stylish and rather quirky hotel in North Wales this week where I got to meet all our clients, learn even more about the developer we work with and hear of some of their upcoming projects. Naturally, my stomach wanted some involvement in the festivities which is why room services, brunch and the evening dinner and cocktail reception were all utilized well...


Being in Wales really gave me the chance to unwind and think about where I am in life right now - admittedly, my early morning sauna/spa session would have played a contributing factor here...

...not to mention the amazing sugary treats that were served during the talk over at the other manor hotel.

So much work goes in to the planning, site sourcing/preparation, grading, construction and investing of the entire project. So many people are involved in the process, with some of the most important stakeholders being the investors who have each put funds in for their own share of the hotel. This is why we decided to hold a very special, private launch event ahead of the hotel's official opening as a way of congratulating them as well as ensuring they felt just as involved as any other individual involved in the process.

Every time I attend these events, I meet some very exciting, inspirational and influential figures I know I can learn a lot from so I am never ever closed off to the idea of gaining more knowledge from others.

It's easy to think you can do it all yourself, but the journey of life is hard enough as it is without the support of the people who love and care for us.


I'm so optimistic about my future plans as well as all the spontaneous things that are completely out of my power. Where some may feel fearful of the random moments life throws at us, I am always excited to take on a challenge and find out what really is down that rabbit hole...
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