The Start of Something New

After spending years writing about my personal experiences and sneakily ducking and diving anyone who expressed an interest in reading about or tapping into my musings, I have decided I am now tired of hiding. So, as a therapeutic release, it is only right I begin my very own online diary; not only to develop my confidence further, but to finally have a platform to share my views and opinions on life's happenings, in the hopes that others may be able to relate to some of the beautiful and rather crazy things I encounter along this journey of life. My posts will cover my career, my family life, the fashion industry, property and music (one of my first loves.)

My full time job is as a marketing professional at a property investment consultancy in London. My evening job is as the director of a new womenswear brand. That leaves some weekends, early mornings and lunch breaks for one other thing - my thinking and writing sessions. I've also been known to take up freelance jobs as a marketing contractor, freelance copywriter or project manager in order to dip out of property for five minutes to experience other exciting industries. 

So please, sit back and enjoy my visual/written diary.

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