Give Yourself a Time Out

I hope everyone's week is going as swimmingly as mine - particularly at work and with my brand! As excited as I am to talk about Colbert London, I will solely focus on my day work and current mood in this post! *sigh of relief from reader!*

Venture Out and Explore Like a Tourist Sometimes!

I know I mention it a lot, but the feeling I get when I can escape the office after a morning session and begin wandering along the wide, picturesque streets of St John's Wood is truly inspiring to say the least. Although I am very familiar with the area, I treat it like a new find - exploring it as if I were a tourist in an unknown location. It really does add more excitement to the walk. 

This short but sweet time-out gives my brain a chance to re-cooperate after opening several emails, conducting meetings and burning out my fingers on the keyboard all morning.

*There were little old ladies peaking out from behind their transparent curtains, wondering who the hell was photographing on their roads as we took these!

I love the pastel coloured doors, window shutters and garage doors - both those lining the peaceful streets as well as those complimenting the pretty mews homes set on private cobbled lanes. They give my so much inspiration whether it be for the next bag I want to purchase, or a saucy new colour palette for a feature wall in my flat!

The air smells so sweet... The breeze - warm and light.

Sometimes I actually forget I'm even working a shift! This tends to happen when I'm staring in awe at all the stunning homes and luxury cars cruising by. The air smells so sweet and the the breeze is completely light. I could sit here thinking up master plans all day, but I'm aware I have an appointment within the hour.

I could swear, people seem so much more friendly at this time of day! It's like all the stressed out people are locked away in their miserable offices, counting down the hours till they can run off and scowl at fellow passengers during the dreaded commute home. The moment 4:45pm hits, the city turns into a completely different place until things calm down around 7:30'ish.

With my flexible work hours, I am able to come in and work during my most productive hours without feeling like my efforts aren't appreciated, or feeling forced to stay in the office pretending I'm working when I really rounded things up a couple of hours before! It's great not feeling guilty leaving early and as a result, I end up almost working more hours than required for the month!

Some of us do not have flexible hours, but this doesn't mean there aren't other methods of relaxing around fixed work hours and an hour lunch break. If you're finding it hard seamlessly blending work hours and 'happy hours', take my advice - make sure you're using your lunch breaks wisely. Eat a good meal and enjoy it. Take a walk and talk to a loved one, or even a complete stranger in a park. Or perhaps sit in a coffee shop whilst it's raining, and enjoy a hot beverage while reading a great book. Whatever you decided to do, do it with a smile and appreciate the 'here' and the 'now'. A please, do not miss your lunch break when you can help out. We work our minds and bodies hard on a daily basis. So give yourself a break and don't feel guilty about it!

A Different Kind of Spring Break

'Spring... a time for renewal and new ideas.'

When the beautiful, crisp brown leaves on the ground no longer crunch under our soles, the birds begin to sing their lullabies and the sweet smells of lavender, daffodils and magnolia float among a much calmer flow of wind, you know exactly what season is trying to break through.

I decided to leave work earlier today in order to take this all in - after all the spring is probably my favourite season. It is a time for renewal and new ideas which comes at the perfect moment - right after the New Year. It really does present the opportunity for you to evaluate the first two or three months of the year and make relevant changes.


I mean, who wants to wait until next December to do the 'New Year, new me' thing again? Definitely not me! 

Each year, without even planning it, my mind begins to crave a major de-clutter; not only of material junk I have carried into the new year, but also of the unnecessary people who have weighed down my life and blocked the pathway for all the blessings I'm supposed to be receiving. What's crazy is that, the moment you let go of these burdens, it literally feels like a door has been opened and a huge weight as been lifted from your shoulders! As a result, I have become a  huge believer of the whole 'clear environment equals clear mind' mantra,  so I am always looking for ways to ensure my home, office desk, bag etc. are as clear as possible, as the smallest amount of clutter can completely disrupt my thought process. Who else is like this?!
I also make sure I take regular walks during work hours as I really do believe that balance is key - that is, a good work balance mixed with enough time for my thoughts and planning (away from my phone and especially away from 'the gram'!) 

I absolutely love my job, but I also understand that 
life is more than career goals and salaries

You need to take in new experiences that will expand your mind and inspire you to venture out your comfort zone and try something different. I value the hours between my work shift because once I get home, I have other priorities which most of the time, take up the remainder of my concentration and energy. I mean, once I've cleaned, worked on Colbert London, caught up with friends and family, worked out, made (or ordered) dinner and spent time with my love, I'm often completely wiped out for the evening!

So if I can leave you with even just one piece of advice, it's this - make sure you have enough time for you. Make sure you look after yourself and really show yourself the attention and care you would like others to show you because no one is going to set the standard for that better than you can.

Thank you for reading! 
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The Start of Something New

After spending years writing about my personal experiences and sneakily ducking and diving anyone who expressed an interest in reading about or tapping into my musings, I have decided I am now tired of hiding. So, as a therapeutic release, it is only right I begin my very own online diary; not only to develop my confidence further, but to finally have a platform to share my views and opinions on life's happenings, in the hopes that others may be able to relate to some of the beautiful and rather crazy things I encounter along this journey of life. My posts will cover my career, my family life, the fashion industry, property and music (one of my first loves.)

My full time job is as a marketing professional at a property investment consultancy in London. My evening job is as the director of a new womenswear brand. That leaves some weekends, early mornings and lunch breaks for one other thing - my thinking and writing sessions. I've also been known to take up freelance jobs as a marketing contractor, freelance copywriter or project manager in order to dip out of property for five minutes to experience other exciting industries. 

So please, sit back and enjoy my visual/written diary.
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