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Chelsea Harbour... Luxury Waterfront Apartments

If there's one perk of my current job role, it's definitely all the talented and highly reputable developers we work with each day. My role is to ensure their property is packaged and presented to prospective clients in the best and most complimentary way.

To make sure I have a full understanding of the brand and their product offering, I will once in a while attend a show apartment day hosted by the developer.

On this occasion, I had the pleasure of attending the Chelsea Waterfront development a few weeks back - this is back when the sun actually shone when the rain hadn't quite settled on a 'suitable' play date until now...

To say the apartment was beautiful is an understatement - the whole development will include two glass residential towers, three riverside buildings with landscaped gardens (I viewed this apartment style) and the redevelopment of the Lots Road power station.

The quality of the appliances and materials used alongside the clear consideratio…

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